1Q:It shows blurred screen after i change receiver of phone 5c

1A:The flex cable maybe broken,you need to change another one

2Q: I had delete the video in my phone,can i recovery

2A: If the video in your memory card,you can use software to recovery,such as the software Easy-Recovery

3Q:How to take a efficient use of battery for a new phone

3A: You should charge it when the battery below 20% power with the previous three,then charge when it in a power-down state

4Q:There was no sound when i make a phone call,but sometimes it work

4A:It may have problems with mainboard

5Q:My iPhone 6 plus cannot accept a charge unless i shut it down

5A:This kind of problem may has caused by mainboard connection problem

6Q:The power was dropped by 0% from 50% when my phone is switching on

6A: It may be need to be welded or rewrite fonts

7Q:I cannot switch between the front-facing or back-facing camera

7A:Change camera

8Q:The graphs aren’t appearing in screen while the device is working

8A:There have been two possible problems.Screen problem or mainboard problem

9Q:How to use 4g services with my iPhone 4

9A:Sorry, it can’t not support unless the phone 5s(or higher version)

10Q:The microphone of my cellphone get some water damage,now no graphs show when i start a video chat

10A:The water infect the up-front camera,just change it