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Affiliate Program

By joining in our affiliate program, you will receive commissions up to 10% according to the sales per month.

How Does It Work?

• Contact us to Create your account;
• Get a exclusive coupon code, you can send this coupon to your customers or Add the link to: Facebook,   Twitter, Google+,YouTube,   Blog etc.

• Users click your link and purchase products with your code;
• Commission generated.
• We pay you the commission monthly.

Cooperation options:

Different partners have different programs, and currently, we have two types in place:

1. High commission one-time settlement: This program is suitable for influencers, livestreamers, and other online personalities. They host live events and promote our discount codes to their fans or customers.

2. Long-term cooperation with slightly lower commission rates: This program is designed for local agents or small wholesalers. They refer their customers directly to our online store, and the customers become permanently affiliated. Commissions are settled on a monthly basis.

Please note that these are the current programs available, and we are open to exploring other partnership options based on specific needs and requirements.

How We Pay?

By PayPal: The minimum payout threshold is $100. If your commission is $100 or more, we'll send payment to you apply for it in the system . If your commission is less than $100, the commission will continue to be accumulated until it reaches the minimum payout threshold.

Contact Us

If you have any question about our affiliate program or your commission, please email us at: service@teevo.com