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Quality Standard

Choose the "Grade" of LCD Screen that fits your business needs.

Teevo simplifies LCD screen quality into 4 categories.

Premium OEM :
It is original new.none alterations done to the replacement part or its components,maintaining the original structure and properties.

Refurbished :
It has been reconditioned,repaired, rehabilitated.or similar to restore the replacement part to its original purpose.The appearance is not as bright as new,but it contains OEM key elements, or it is OEM in its majority.

Aftermarket Plus :
Aftermarket Plus is the best third party manufactured replacement part sourced from the factories.QC team has thoroughly tested each replacement part brefore shipping.These products with low rejection rate.It is the best balance of cost,availability, function,reliability and durability.

Aftermarket :
Aftermarket is a third party manufactured replacement part with a lower cost component in it,still thoroughly and rigorously tested by our QC team.It will be a cost-effective option.

Teevo Quality Parts
Teevo pay more attention to the continuous feedback from customers on quality.what's more,we gradually improve a set of platform-based supplier evaluation standards that meet teevo.