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Sunshine SS-601G Plus Multifunctional Heating-Free Remover LCD Screen Separator***DE Warehouse***

Aluminum Pressure Platform SS-601G Plus for Mobile & Tablet LCDs

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1.Applicable to the separation of LCD screens such as mobile phones/tablets and the removal of rear cover glass.

2.3-in-1 design structure, the screen can be disassembled directly without heating, safe and fast, when the glass back cover is down, it is used to disassemble the screen, when the glass back cover is up, it is used to remove the back cover glass.

3.Heating-free, quick screen removal,novices can easily change the screen, disassemble without damage, two-step screen disassembly, easy to operate.

4.Split structure design, suitable for mobile phones with back cover glass, etc., easily and quickly remove the back cover.

5.Camera protection design,The groove is smooth to prevent damage to the camera when the screen is removed.

6.Safety protection Non-destructive disassembly,Side and base padded protection to protect the phone from scratches and slipping.

7.Strong suction cup,Uniform force, safe, stable and reliable, easier to absorb, not easy to fall off.

8.Screw Tension Design,Turn the screw to make the tension upward, and the suction cup will slowly pull up to prevent the screen from being pulled and exploded.


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